About Us

CFS is a State Registered Investment Advisory company formed in 2004.  Barry Copeland is the President, owner, and sole proprietor of the firm. 

At CFS, we actively manage stock portfolios, constructing a portfolio-management strategy for each client that is best suited to his or her age, financial goals, and risk tolerance.  During the initial interview with any client, we ask the client to complete a detailed questionnaire to help us determine their investment goals and risk tolerance.  Then we tailor the investment portfolio in accordance with those results.  We seek to maximize investment opportunities, minimize risk, and deliver superior service. 

We are a fee-only advisory company.  We collect no commissions of any kind, nor do we have commission agreements with any stock or mutual fund which we recommend.  Our only motivation is to provide the best-performing investment products available on the market for our clients.  Those products include the full range of individual stocks, exchange traded funds, bonds, and mutual funds. 

Also, we have no proprietary products or house-branded mutual funds.  As a result, we only seek to achieve the best possible return on investment for our clients.

We have no wrap-fee programs.  So our clients can participate in the decision process for stock selection and retention at any level that they choose.  Some of our clients want to remain uninvolved and only look for the final results.  Others want to actively participate in the entire process.  At CFS, we honor the choices of the client and take their direction seriously.

At CFS, we tend to hold the same set of stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds in our own personal portfolios that we suggest or purchase for the portfolios of our clients.  With very few exceptions, we “eat our own cooking”.